About Me

Hey, my name is Paul. How did I find the name? Well, my favorite meal is Steam Dumplings with melted butter and (blue)berry sauce (It's a German Meal 🇩🇪 ). The whole meal name is too long, so I decided to just use "BerrySauce".

Now, let's come to the more interesting part: What I do. I'm a hobby developer who is learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I (plan) to make software, mods, websites (like this one) and more.

I also design a lot in my free time. It's just really relaxing. I specialize in Logos, Marketing Designs (for e.g. Social Media) and Ad Design (Banners). I love flat and minimalistic designs, but some 3D here and there doesn't look bad either.

I'm on GitHub

You can find the most of my project repositories there. Also, you can recieve updates and submit issues if needed.