Moin, I'm Paul.

I'm a German student and hobby developer/designer
who likes to make stuff.

Some of my projects

I love open source

Open source is cool - that's why most of my projects are available on GitHub with open source licenses. Without open source software, a large portion of the internet we're using today wouldn't be possible. It's just great to see people around the world collaborating on great projects.

Stuff I work with

PythonHTMLCSSJavaScript & TypeScriptBootstrap 5FastAPISvelteHonoJSCloudflareRedisSQL & NoSQLDNSJupyter

Stuff I'm learning

RubySwiftRustAdvanced JavaScriptAdvanced SvelteAdvanced SQLMicroPythonWebAuthn

Contact me

You'd like to collaborate, have an interesting offer, or just want to talk? Reach out and I'll try to answer ASAP.

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